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New Highest Payout - Buy 4D Online

How Much Does CM4D Win

We are a trusted company that pays our players 100% without charge. We also pay the winner with the highest payout and of course directly to your bank account.

Here is the winning payout schedule:

Payout rates for Magnum, Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, Diriwan, STC, Sweep Cash and Singapore 4D

Prize for Sports Toto 5D and 6D

Grand Dragon Lotto 4D Payout Rates

Grand Dragon Lotto 6D Payout Rates


How do you do it?

Follow the steps we provide below:

Step 1: Sign up for free via this link >> (Please read instruction below & Screenshot "user id" as shown below and send to us via wasap)

Step 2: Download CM4D apps >> Apps @ (Android users only, iOS use Website only)

Step 3: Log in to the application using the information below;
Pin: 88
Url: (leave this field blank)


Step 4: Click ACCOUNT STATISTICS and please SCREENSHOT the exit display. Make sure your username and name are visible.

Step 5: Send the ACCOUNT STATISTICS screenshot above and MOBILE NUMBER to or (Must do to allow betting)

Step 6: Wait until customer service contacts you for the next process.